Questions and Answers

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What do you book?

Quila's Travel can book any type of travel related activies, such as weekend getaways, cruises, all-inclusive resort packages, car rentals, family reunions, and bachelor/bachelorette trips. You name it, we can book it!. We can also book shore excursions, charter buses, show/concert tickets and more!

Is a passport required?

Not always! Passport requirements depend on the destination. There are several places such as Hawaii, The US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico that can be visited without a passport and cruises are an option as well! Want to know about a specific destination? Interested in obtaining a passport for an upcoming vacation? Contact us we will be happy to assist you!

Do I need Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is ALWAYS recommended. What happens if you need to cancel your trip, you miss your connection, a terrorist event occurs, your baggage is lost, a hurricane damages your destination, your flight is canceled, or you need emergency medical assistance?. Travel insurance can protect your financial investment should any of these (and more) scenarios occur. Rates vary based on the level of coverage selected but are pennies on the dollar when compared to what you could loose if you arent insured.

Can I make payments or would the full amount be due at booking?

Vacations booked 60 days or less from departure, will always require full payment at booking. We do have deposit/payment plan options available for most vacations booked further in advance. Please keep in mind, that prices are subject to change at any time until the deposit/full payment is made.